About the Book

John has the perfect life in Greenville, SC. He works very hard and loves his job. He loves his wife and lives like most people dream. After returning from an international business trip for he and his wife’s anniversary, he wakes up to mayhem.

The entire world is falling apart and his wife is no where to be found. After a confrontation with what he’ll soon find out is a man infected with a new type of infection called a “Viron”, he’ll have to fight to find his family and friends and he’ll have to use everything he knows and every ability he has to stay alive.

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Author Bio

Paul J Sky is an American author who writes books ranging from science fiction to thrillers and non-fiction advisory stories. He grew up in the south and has a wide range of experience in the world.

He’s an entrepreneur and has a wide range of businesses that he owns and manages. He writes in his free time and writes by ‘playing the movie in his mind’. Everything you read of his is a product of him watching the not-so-live action version in his imagination.

He is a dog lover, and owns a beautiful husky-Shepherd named Bella. He is a lover of knowledge and constantly seeks to learn new abilities and skills.

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